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I would like to attest to Sharon Grant’s skills as a Life Coach. In 2010 I returned to Canada from Sri Lanka where I had been living and working for three years.  Unfortunately, towards the end of my stay my passport was stolen and I was wrongfully arrested and put into a 3rd world maximum level prison and was eventually interned in a deportation camp for foreigners.  I spent several months in this facility, in very unhealthy and distressing circumstances. As you can imagine, when I returned to Canada, I was suffering from Acute Stress Disorder, malnutrition, reverse culture shock and challenging neuro-linguistic problems.

My initial months in Canada were spent battling anxiety and depression. I found myself living like a recluse, having neither the ability nor desire to seek social situations, employment or focus on future goals.

After several months of a shell-shocked existence I engaged Sharon’s services. Within weeks  of us working together  I found myself  better able to function  in what  I perceived to be an indifferent world. With Sharon’s help I managed to rebuild my life, achieve economic security and build a supportive social network. I have also been able to determine my calling—to work within a religious organization for the betterment of mankind.  After working with Sharon I went back to school and completed a Master’s Degree in Divinity.

I highly recommend Dr. Sharon Grant.  She has shown herself to be professional and skilled in counseling and life coaching.



John J. M.Div.

Thank you for your help and advice.  But, mostly for your understanding and wise support.

Kristen K.

Sharon worked with me and helped me stay on track regarding rehabilitation.  She was great, she walked with me as a peer, an equal, there was no power differential.  Margaret, K., retired Corporate Coach.