Lecithin For Your Health

Lecithin, (in sunflower and soy based supplements) has many benefits regarding menopause related (and other) health issues. In fact, lecithin has many roles in the body, from regulating your heart rate to synthesize good cholesterol.

Regarding brain or cognitive health, lecithin improves memory and cognition, and battles or reverses cognitive decline. Psychologically, it helps treat or avoid depression, anxiety and stress, and lecithin helps fight disorders of the nervous system (6). These benefits are based in lecithin’s many brain healthy components, including choline and good fats or phospholipids like DHA.

Lecithin helps treat diseases of inflammation like cancer (including breast) and arthritis, as well as impacting heart disease. Lecithin can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower bad, or LDL, cholesterol, improve overall cellular health, and speed up wound healing.  Lecithin even helps with weight loss.

Regarding cellular health: lecithin is very necessary for cells to work properly. lecithin has a substance in it called phosphatidylcholine.  This substance helps keep cells healthy by properly maintaining cell function and structure.  It keeps cell membranes (which enclose the cell body and are made from lipids or fats) permeable and soft, so that nutrients can be absorbed easily.  Because it is a fat or lipid, lecithin can both stabilize and anchor membrane components, and turn into other lipids to help carry molecules across membranes to help cells function (4).  So, it follows that lecithin deficiency leads to hardening of the cell membranes, making it hard for nutrients to pass into the cell, which impacts health in general as the body is made of cells.

This positive effect on cellular health is probably why it has been found that menopausal women, taking 1200 mg of lecithin a day, have lower diastolic blood pressure, less arterial stiffness, which is associated with heart attack risk, and more energy (1).

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